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International Trade

Few issues are more salient for international businesses than unpredictable commodity tariffs, currency valuation disputes, fluctuating sanctions regimes and the unpredictability and mistrust caused by politically motivated accusations and suspicions. In particular, US-China trade relations seem to worsen by the day. Even when the dust eventually settles and the world’s two largest economies resume a more sensible approach to commerce, there will still be WTO disputes, regional conflicts and changing treaties, all requiring complex legal navigation. JLG is here to help.

Our seasoned team of trade attorneys assist clients in the following areas:

  • Drafting, interpreting and negotiating transnational contracts 

  • Providing company, industry and region-specific intelligence

  • Creating, maintaining and adjusting internal compliance regimes

  • Connecting executives with government officials and influencers

  • Designing media and public affairs campaigns to ensure long-term business relationships can withstand geopolitical rivalries

  • Providing in-house training sessions and other materials that help minimize disruption to otherwise healthy marketing plans

  • When necessary, pursuing official actions (including mediation, litigation, arbitration and regulatory proceedings) before numerous international tribunals.

Especially in the arena of international trade, JLG goes beyond zealous representation. Through creative solutions, we seek a more interconnected world = a goal that combines good lawyering, smart business and proactive global citizenship.


Senior Trial Attorney


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Jason Jia

Managing Partner


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James Berger

Special Counsel


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