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Community Outreach Program Manager

Business Development

Corporate Matters


Ziye (Zoey) Li is the Community Outreach Program Manager at Jia Law Group. Before joining JLG, Ziye has worked with government agencies, SMEs, large state-owned enterprises, non-profit organizations, art groups, and investment institutions, and therefore, has amassed an expansive understanding of the unique characteristics of different industries and professional communities.


At Jia Law Group, Ziye works closely with attorneys to plan, operate, and manage community outreach programs and campaigns; ensuring that JLG continues to conduct business reflecting its core values, fulfills its social responsibilities, and achieves its missions. Using her wealth of knowledge and experience in strategic planning, corporate social responsibility, and social impact achievement, Ziye aims to expand JLG's impact on local, national, and global levels—particularly within legal and Chinese communities.


Ziye (Zoey) graduated from Zhejiang University with a B.M. in Public Administration.  After graduation, Ziye continued her studies at New York University and was awarded a Master’s degree in Public Administration in 2018. 


Ziye is experienced in Strategic Planning, Policy Analysis, Program Evaluation, and Projects Management. She has worked with various organizations within and outside of the U.S. to help them establish their Program Logic Models, Theory of Change, and Performance Evaluation and Management Systems.