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Mr. Christopher Morik to moderate residential fireside chat at the AREAA's 8th Annual EMW Conference

Mr. Christopher Morik, Senior of Counsel at the firm, will be moderating the fireside chat alongside Ms. Carmen Mercado, Senior Affordable Lending Manager at Freddie Mac at the 8th Annual East Meets West(EMW) conference hosted by Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) Manhattan chapter.

This fireside chat titled “National Mortgage Market” will start at 10am on September 29. Mr. Morik and Ms. Mercado will be touching on topics like the housing market's affordability and inventory issues at current interest rates, what real estate attorneys and agents can do to better help millennials who are currently driving the first-time home buyer market, and more.

The EMW conference will cover on-going issues, trends, and opportunities in the residential and commercial sectors of the real estate industry.

The full-day conference will take place at Mayer Brown New York office on September 29th.


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