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How do industry-leading companies hire and retain workers in a hot labor market?

Special discounts for employers will be announced at the event on December 2nd!


Many HR directors have expressed their concerns about attracting and retaining the right candidates and sorting out the complicated work visa issues for foreign employees. Therefore, we would like to invite you to join our panel discussion on How do industry-leading companies hire and retain workers in a hot labor market, a virtual panel discussion taking place on Thursday, December 2nd. We are honored to have Ms. Maria Woods, People Services Manager at Aesop; Mr. Jeff Lam, Managing Partner at Cloud 9 Hospitality Group; and Mr. Matthew Kolodziej, Business Immigration Partner at JLG to serve as our panelists and discuss the following topics:

  • What are some tips for managing talent?

  • What visas are available for a company to sponsor a foreign employee?

  • Where can HR professionals find the most suitable candidates for the company?

  • And more!

Special deals will be available to Unfold users. Please click the button accordingly to finish event registration.


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