Breach of Contract

JLG’s business attorneys have decades of experience drafting, negotiating and modifying custom and form contracts. And we know how to write covenants that will protect the interests of both contractors and signees. Yet when breaches of contract occur, we stand ready to defend our clients’ rights.


What Constitutes a Breach?

There are different classes of contract breaches. In the first class are actual and anticipatory breaches; in the second class are material and minor breaches. Actual breaches occur when a contractor violates the terms of a contract, and an anticipatory breach occurs when the contractor gives advance notice of a breach that will occur at some point in the future. In either case, our business lawyers can help represent you during your dispute.

Disputes most commonly arise, however, from material and minor breaches. In material breaches, the contractor fails to provide the employer with the service outlined in the contract. A minor breach, by contrast, occurs when the contract is fulfilled albeit with some broken agreements, such as late completion.

Ultimately, questions about what constitutes breach depends upon a lawyer’s fine knowledge of the law. We can advise you on the contract in question, and represent you during any dispute.


What You Can Expect?

We aim to settle all of our disputes outside of court. If legal action is necessary, however, we are ready to represent your interests. Court-ordered remedies in a contract lawsuit include:

  • Compensatory Damages

  • Liquidated Damages

  • Rescission

  • Specific Performance


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