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Employees using business vehicles may cause legal disputes between employers or victims, so it is crucial for companies to know whether or not the vehicular accident is “within the scope of employment.”


Detailed Description:

General business operations often give rise to unfortunate commercial auto or trucking accidents that may involve complicated legal and factual issues, injuries, deaths, or substantial property damages. It is important that a business with automobiles obtain commercial auto liability insurance as auto accidents will typically generate large claims. These accidents can involve company owned vehicles, rental vehicles, or even employee owned vehicles that are utilized by the company.


These insurance polices are complicated and often difficult to determine what is exactly covered by the policy in question. At JLG, our attorneys provide legal counseling to help employers fully understand the liability of having business vehicles and how to minimize legal risks. In the event that your business is being sued, our attorneys can build a strong defense and represent you in court.


To learn more about how we can assist with your case, you can schedule a free consultation online or call 347-897-6199 to make an appointment.


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