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Competitive Intelligence

JLG’s competitive intelligence specialists apply skills learned in the business world, on political campaigns and in government to provide you a significant edge over the competition. Total situational awareness and enhanced security have never been more important. Given today’s unprecedented economic instability and political uncertainty, our ability to deliver a customized suite of intelligence tools – in both legal and non-legal contexts – is another example of JLG’s commitment to “total representation.”

  • Opposition research

  • Defensive research

  • Industry and sector analysis

  • Political risk assessment

  • Legislative tracking

  • Defensive cyber-security

  • Information operations

  • Government relations

  • OSINT (Open source intelligence analysis)

  • Market research

  • Background checks and cooperation with top private investigators

Knowledge isn’t just power – it’s often the singular game-changer during negotiations, litigation and even day-to-day business. As a stand-alone product or in coordination with legal representation, JLG’s Competitive Intelligence team makes sure you and leadership team can establish and maintain a dominant position. 

James profile picture.jpg

James Berger

Special Counsel


Jason profile picture copy.jpg

Jason Jia

Managing Partner


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