Construction Disputes

Construction disputes frequently occur between the general contractor and the developer. We help developers to negotiate and protect themselves when issues of quality control arise, specifically:


Construction Defects

During the course of construction, the developer may identify work that does accord with the plans and specifications, causing a dispute to arise. No matter the type of defect, JLG’s litigators can defend your interests.


Construction Delays

Disputes tend to arise when general contractor cannot provide sufficient excuses for delays.


Dispute Resolution

JLG has successfully negotiated, arbitrated, and litigated on behalf of its construction clients. However, we strive to save our clients’ time and money by resolving cases outside of court. The following processes can successfully end a dispute related to construction before litigation is necessary:

  • Negotiations with the architect/initial decision maker

  • Arbitration

  • Mediation

  • Dispute Resolution Boards (DRBs)

JLG’s litigators will tailor a method of resolution to your situation. In all of our construction-related disputes we strive to save you time, money, and stress. To tell us more about your construction dispute, you can visit our website or call us at 347-897-6199.


Jason Jia

Managing Partner



Thomas Kung