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Regulatory Compliance

Establishing and maintaining effective compliance regimes is necessary in a range of different contexts: When creating a business or entering a new area of business; Moving into a new geographic region; Changing corporate formation; During a merger or acquisition; and, of course, when under specific government scrutiny. For companies already possessing extensive compliance systems, JLG helps your team perform at its best by ensuring they possess the most up-to-date information, knowledge of evolving best practices and can always reach out for advice and insight. Smaller entities and/or those going through transitions, however, often need to build out new systems from the ground up. In either situation, we will cooperate as a de facto in-house counsel to perform whatever suite of functions bests suits your needs and aspirations:

  • Provide regular written updates on industry specific legal and regulatory developments

  • Conduct briefings/trainings for executives, in-house attorneys; and relevant stakeholders

  • Perform local, state, national and international regulatory analysis

  • Develop compliance cost-saving regulatory solutions

  • Prepare specific compliance plans and presentations – where necessary in conjunction with top experts

  • Help design and systematize compliance programs

  • Adapt compliance systems in accord with cross-cultural issues/concerns

  • Integrate compliance with crisis management and other preparedness programs

  • Evaluate and recommend technological methodologies 

  • Engage with elected officials, influencers, regulators and other relevant stakeholders.

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James Berger

Special Counsel


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Jason Jia

Managing Partner


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