Brief Intro:

Directors and Officers, or D&O litigation involves claims for liability made against directors and officers of both public and private companies including corporations, partnerships, or limited liability companies. These claims vary widely and can be brought against directors and officers from administrative proceedings and lawsuits, congressional investigations, and private parties.


Detailed Description:

Serving as a director or officer of a company comes with enormous personal risk and liabilities. Directors or officers may be sued by other companies, shareholders, employees, customers, or other parties for breaching fiduciary duty, duty of loyalty, conducting insider trading, and so on. These lawsuits not only harm the reputation of said officers or directors, but also negatively impacts the enterprise’s commercial reputation.


At JLG, our attorneys offer comprehensive representation of those held under directors and officers liability. We have a wide range of experience in all types of litigation involving the duties and responsibilities of directors and officers, shareholder demand letters, and Special Committee investigations. We also assist corporations, directors, and officers with coverage issues related to directors and officers' policies. JLG attorneys provide advice throughout the lifespan of the claim, including comprehensive coverage analysis, strategy assessment, damage evaluation, and claim resolution.

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