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Under federal and state employment laws, employers have various liabilities. It is important that business owners adhere to these legal requirements to avoid potential disputes.


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Employers are liable for laws regarding:

  • Discrimination

  • Workplace/ Sexual harassment

  • Wage- hour

  • Accrued leave

  • Wrongful termination

  • Lactation


Regardless of your type of business, under the Respondeat Superior Doctrine, an employer may be legally responsible for the actions of its employees.


From small, family-owned businesses, to large, multinational corporations, we will provide you with the skilled advocacy you need at every stage of your case. Our attorneys are leaders in the effective defense and litigation of claims. Your best interests are our top priority.


To avoid complications due to non-compliance of any laws, JLG also assists employers to conform to legal requirements. This includes the writing of, and implementation of suitable policies.

To learn more about how we can assist with your case, you can schedule a free consultation online or call 347-897-6199 to make an appointment.

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