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Government Investigations

Both US and foreign regulatory regimes possessive enormous power to intrude into the lives of individuals and businesses suspected of civil or criminal wrongdoing. Even in the absence of formal process, agencies like the SEC, CFTC and IRS can demand vast numbers of documents, interview targeted employees and executives and even review profoundly personal information such as cell phone records, emails, instant messages and social media. In some instances, the government’s “long arm” even extends to personal communications with friends and family. JLG practitioners strive to lessen these burdens by narrowing the government’s investigatory scope, negotiating reasonable limitations, protecting sensitive, proprietary and privileged information and by helping you and your team implement proactive tactics.

Specifically, our skilled professionals will:

  • Meet with executives to identify and minimize likely risks

  • Maintain confidentiality so that investigations don’t leak into the press or interfere with business relationships

  • Perform detail-oriented document reviews

  • Assist with all aspects of interview/deposition preparation

  • Prepare correspondence and formal reports aimed at obtaining declination decisions

  • Understand any cross-border complications

  • When necessary, aggressively defend client rights during formal regulatory, civil and criminal litigations

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James Berger

Special Counsel


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Jason Jia

Managing Partner


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