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Under most state and federal laws, companies are required to enforce various insurance policies such as workers’ compensation, health, disability, and medical insurance. The insured and the insurer can encounter situations that require an experienced legal analysis of the policy in question.


Detailed Description:

Insurance is a highly complex and specialized area of law that can affect both large corporations and small businesses. Because disputes can involve factors such as underwriting issues, coverage and interpretation of an insurance policy, and performance of policy conditions by the policyholder and insurer, handling these disputes properly requires extensive knowledge of the specific policy and the laws that surround it.


At Jia Law Group, we have attorneys skilled in handling a broad range of complex insurance matters including the analysis and interpretation of insurance policies. We have experience practicing in landmark insurance cases, and routinely provide comprehensive insurance policy analyses and coverage interpretations. In addition, we also assist clients in making customized policies during the insurance procurement and renewal process with their best interest in mind.

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