When applying for an immigrant visa, there are many steps to be taken. One important one is an interview with the appropriate U.S. Embassy or Consulate. The U.S. Embassy or Consulate General will tell the National Visa Center (NVC) which dates are available for interviews, with the NVC filling the appointments in a first-come, first-serve manner. After receiving the notice to appear for an interview, you (and any other family members applying to immigrate with you) must prepare for the visa interview.

Detailed Description:

After you have completed all the steps necessary for your specified visa, including paying necessary fees and submitting documents and applications, the National Visa Center (NVC) will review your file for completeness. Once that is done, your case becomes qualified for an interview. NVC schedules appointments one month in advance, giving all parties involved sufficient time to prepare.


In preparation for your interview, the following steps must be done beforehand:

  1. You and all other applicants in your family are required to schedule a medical appointment with an authorized physician in the country where the interview will take place. All medical examinations and required vaccines must be done before the interview date.

  2. Register for Courier Service. This is to receive your passports and visas back after the interview.

  3. Gather documents required for the interview. Every visa applicant is required to bring certain documents to the interview, items such as photos, original civil documents submitted to NVC, copies of these documents, etc. Failure to provide the proper documentation will prevent the consular office from processing your visa. This can result in significant delays or even denial of your visa issuance.


Having a qualified immigration attorney help you prepare for the interview is crucial to ensuring that the process is smooth. Our attorneys will deal with any unexpected problems that typically come up with excessive screening and vetting, and also clarify all complex questions and issues. Additionally, we will ensure that all required documents are timely collected before the interview so that any unneeded delays can be avoided.


Jason Jia

Managing Partner



Matthew Kolodziej