​​Intellectual Property Infringement

Intellectual Property is the heart of any business. Our experienced IP litigators will help you to defend your IP rights in and out of court. We represent all parties on matters related to registered and unregistered IP.


Proving IP Infringement


JLG begins each case by analyzing how and to what degree your IP suffered infringement. If we determine infringement, we then prove whether or not the alleged infringer had access to your work, after which we assess the damage. Our assessment will determine how much money you are entitled to. If you have registered your IP, you may receive enhanced damages and attorney fees.


Many issues attend the process. Did you create the work as an employee or a contractor at the time? Who infringed on the IP? Answering this question requires sleuthing, particularly for infringement of digitally published material. JLG will mount an investigation in order to determine whom to sue. No matter what, JLG will help you to build the strongest case possible for your IP infringement case.

Licensing Agreements Instead of Litigation

We sometimes advise our clients to begin a licensing agreement with the infringer. This type of agreement could yield benefits for both parties. Either way, we will choose the best option for you.


Our IP attorneys can handle your case and advise you on all matters related to IP infringement. Call 347-897-6199 or Contact Us Online to schedule a consultation.


Jason Jia

Managing Partner



Joseph Hamel

Senior Associate