Labor and

Employment Litigation

Brief Intro:

Labor and employment law is complex and subject to frequent changes. These laws and regulations impose a heavy compliance burden on employers. Labor and employment litigations affect the well being of employees and their families, and the success of the companies for which they work, and is often times difficult to resolve.


Detailed Description:

Labor and employment litigation covers a wide range of claims such as:

  • Harassment

  • Discrimination

  • Wage-hour class actions

  • Wrongful termination

  • Unfair competition

  • Overtime violations

  • Non-disclosure violation

  • Retaliation allegations

  • Employment contract disputes


At JLG, our attorneys represent individuals and class action cases  dealing with the aforementioned litigation issues in the workplace. In these matters, individuals often find themselves at a disadvantage to protect their legal rights against companies. If you feel that you have been wronged,  our employment law attorneys can help.


We also have a successful track record representing employers and their business. If your business is confronted with a lawsuit resulting from violating labor and employment laws, the attorneys at Jia Law Group can provide a comprehensive and strategic defense. Of equal importance, our attorneys also provide preventative counseling and compliance policies to business owners to help them avoid any unnecessary litigations.

To learn more about how we can assist with your labor and employment litigation or business, you can schedule a free consultation online or call 347-897-6199 to make an appointment.


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