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Senior Of Counsel

Real Estate Transaction 

Commercial Litigation


Christopher Morik has a general practice in both New York and New Jersey States which focuses on the representation of small businesses, real estate law, litigation, wills and estates.


Mr. Morik has helped a wide variety of entrepreneurs grows their businesses, both locally and nationally. He assists his business clients, large and small, in all areas including the formation of the business entity, contractual relations with third parties, protection and preservation of business assets, resolution of business disputes, arbitration of disputes and, where necessary, litigation. His clients, many of whom he represented from start-up, include successful retail stores, internet businesses, importers of goods and merchandise, entertainers, security companies and bars and restaurants. Mr. Morik also advises and represents individuals and entities in the purchase and sale of real estate. Whether it is an individual purchase of a home or apartment or a corporate sale of a large commercial property, he constantly and regularly communicates with and advises his clients regarding all aspects of the transaction from contract to closing. He also represents his clients in real estate litigation, leasing and mortgage matters. In addition to the above Mr. Morik has successfully litigated civil matters involving accidents, malpractice and wrongful death. He is also experienced in the areas of wills, trusts and estates having practiced for many years in the Surrogate's Court and having prepared wills for clients with a variety of personal and family circumstances.


Christopher Morik is a graduate of New York University and New York Law School. He was admitted to the bar in 1991 and he practices in New York and New Jersey.




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