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Shareholder Disputes

JLG’s attorneys fight for our clients in shareholder disputes. Since 99% of disputes never go to court, we wield the best negotiation strategies to win your dispute. Drawing on our sophisticated knowledge of the law and industry-specific knowledge, we follow a meticulous process during each one of our share holder dispute cases.


  1. Assessment: Before negotiations begin, we pore through each document relating to the shareholder’s company. We examine every facet of the company under dispute to assess the dispute’s value, project its duration, and build your case. Included in the process of assessment is a complete review of existing shareholder agreements and a review of business correspondence related to the dispute.

  2. Negotiation: Once we have amassed the evidence for your case, we will represent you as advisors and negotiators. You can rely on us to safely guide you through the dispute and ensure the best results for your case.

  3. Closing: Once the dispute has been settled, we will work with you to understand the precise terms of the agreement. We will draft any required closing documents.

  4. Litigation: In the event that your case cannot be settled we are prepared to represent you in court. We will help you to enter proceedings by filing a derivative action or by claiming a breach of fiduciary duties on the part of other shareholders. No matter what, we will drive your case to a resolution.

JLG’s experience in business litigation is buttressed by our relationships with corporate colleagues and inspectors; in other words, we will use a broad range of expertise to solve our clients’ corporate disputes. For more information on how you can begin to resolve your shareholder dispute, visit our Contact Page or call our office at 347-897-6199.







Joseph Hamel

Senior Associate


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