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Raw 100% Uncut Cross-Border, Regulatory and Political Intelligence One Click Away

While awaiting the eve of destruction, remembering the importance of crisis management couldn't hurt, right? Especially for cross-border business operations, being able to postulate outcomes, understand cultural and political differences, and do advance planning are neither a luxury nor even possible without reliable information obtained from multiple sources – Exactly what you'll find in the remainder of this email. Same goes for creating company-wide rapid response strategies: an excellent reason to join JLG’s Post-Election Webinar, our effort to inject some sanity and practical reasoning into what will almost certainly be an even crazier world after November 3 (details below).

As always, feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone you think would be interested, or use this link for additional background.

JLG Cross-Border & Regulatory Briefing - PLUS Services You Can Access Now:

Long before he personally tested positive for COVID-19, President Trump was calling the virus “the China Plague” and declaring “It’s China’s fault!” (most loudly, in front of one of the largest presidential debate audiences in history). Predictably heightened tensions between Washington and Beijing, however, are only one of many reasons JLG’s Global Enforcement group has been thinking overtime about ways we can better prepare ourselves and our clients to minimize political risk and its mix of legal and economic consequences.


This newsletter is all about the added value of informational awareness. The links and observations here, however, are only scratching the surface. If you'd like to experience how JLG's intelligence services might positively impact your company, or even a particular transaction, please click here and we’ll send you a free example version of “JLG Insider” – our customized Presidential-style brief providing precision research and resources, delivered to fit your schedule in a format chosen by you and your team.


Meanwhile, the topics, commentary and articles below reflect what I view as essential for anyone engaged in cross-border commerce. And by essential, I do mean “bet the company” essential. Unavoidable truth: You need the whole picture. Far too many business leaders and attorneys focus myopically on their sectors. I'd never deny the importance of expertise. But today, it isn't sufficient. Our integrated post 24/7 universe requires broad-scope attention. So, let’s get started:“

Where Will You Be in Three Weeks?

No matter who wins (or even if there isn’t a winner), the only thing we know for sure is November 3 means yet another 2020 reality-shift. Until then, here are my top picks for up-to-the-minute election data, expert analysis and – maybe most importantly – some much-needed humor:

FINALLY we are excited to announce JLG’s Post-Election Webinar where I will be moderating a group of high-powered panelists from the worlds of politics, law, and global business. Life may or may not become radically different overnight. No matter what we wake up to, however, intelligent and informed conversation are the right place to begin piecing it all together. Please click here to lock in your preferred pre-registration (FREE for newsletter recipients) and submit questions – Timing, featured speakers, and other details by early next week.

Stay safe, engaged, and hopeful.

James Berger

Global Enforcement Partner


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