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Strategic Communication

As JLG has expanded – both in the US and internationally – we have increasingly realized that many clients benefit from a combination of legal and non-legal services. By adding a Strategic Communication capability, we can now perform many functions traditionally handled by PR and public affairs firms. From a client-perspective, there are multiple advantages but two are especially noteworthy: 

(1) Direct Integration: Both for litigation and transactional matters, knowing how, when, why or why not to engage the engage the media and/or perform other types of outreach are crucially important decisions. JLG’s integrated approach ensures appropriate coordination, increases overall efficiency and protects client interests in situations where a PR firm may not fully understand the legal ramifications of public engagement. 

(2) Decreased Expenditures: We save time and costs by eliminating duplicative research and helping clients develop and execute all-encompassing strategies beginning Day 1. 

Communications Services:

  • Comprehensive research (in combination with our Competitive Intelligence service)

  • Messaging

  • Audience research

  • Integrated media planning and execution (earned media, social media, placed media and paid media)

  • Media avoidance – strategy and tactics

  • Culturally tailored communications plans

  • Corporate communications

  • Litigation communications

  • Relationship development 

  • Matter-specific branding and marketing

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James Berger

Special Counsel


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Jason Jia

Managing Partner


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