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Trademark and Copyright

Our trademark and copyright attorneys understand the importance of Intellectual properties to the growth and success of our clients’ businesses. JLG not only assists its clients to secure IP, but helps them to keep costs and maintenance fees low.


We engage all facets of trademark law including clearing, registering, maintaining and licensing trademarks and associated rights such as design rights. We also have experience in protecting our clients’ marks from infringement, dilution and counterfeiting and related litigation. JLG’s team will help you to protect and enforce your brand and its trademark.


Our Areas of Practice Include:


  • Copyright law

  • Description of Mark

  • False Advertisement

  • IP Audits

  • Ownership Issues

  • Patent applications

  • Trade Secrets

  • Trademark licensing

  • Trademark litigation


JLG is dedicated to helping businesses develop. Whether you are a new business that needs to apply for trademarks or a veteran firm preparing for litigation, our team will guide you through all of your trademark-, patent-, and copyright-related needs.


Jason Jia

Managing Partner



Joseph Hamel

Senior Associate


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