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JLG litigators represent employers in the hospitality industry in labor-and employment-based litigation cases. JLG’s seasoned litigators know how to win labor and employment cases. After each case we will perform a “labor-compliance checkup,” meaning we will ensure that your business does not breach labor and employment regulations again.

JLG’s attorneys fight for our clients in shareholder disputes. Since 99% of disputes never go to court, we wield the best negotiation strategies to win your dispute.

JLG’s experience in business litigation is buttressed by our relationships with corporate colleagues and inspectors; in other words, we will use a broad range of expertise to solve our clients’ corporate disputes.

JLG’s business attorneys have decades of experience drafting, negotiating and modifying custom and form contracts. And we know how to write covenants that will protect the interests of both contractors and signees. Yet when breaches of contract occur, we stand ready to defend our clients’ rights.

JLG’s business lawyers represent collectors who are owed money. When debtors refuse to pay, you can rely on one of JLG’s business lawyers for assistance and counsel that will ensure you are paid your due. We handle commercial collection cases on behalf of businesses and individuals with accounts of all sizes. 

JLG regularly helps its clients finalize contested and uncontested divorces. We will advise you on all of your options and help you to choose the best one. Read about your options then contact JLG to discuss your case.

Disputes about child custody inevitably arise during a divorce. JLG’s family and matrimonial lawyers will secure the best possible arrangement for you and your child.

Whether you are a landlord who needs to evict your tenant, or are a tenant whose landlord violating the terms of your lease agreement, JLG’s attorneys have experience in resolving landlord-tenant disputes. Our firm represents landlords and tenants in a wide variety of disputes.

JLG advises its clients on the risks associated with business operations that involve trading of securities. Specifically, we defend brokers during arbitration hearings conducted by the Financial Industry Regulating Authority (FINRA).

Intellectual Property is the heart of any business. Our experienced IP litigators will help you to defend your IP rights in and out of court. We represent all parties on matters related to registered and unregistered IP.

Construction disputes frequently occur between the general contractor and the developer. We help developers to negotiate and protect themselves when issues of quality control arise.

The Americans with Disability Act protects the rights of people with disabilities. JLG represents restaurant owners and advises them on how to comply with ADA standards. In the event of ADA-related litigation, we will work with you to lower your fines. Once proceedings have ended, we will review your business and help to ensure that you never violate ADA rules and regulations again.

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