Contested and Uncontested Divorce

JLG regularly helps its clients finalize contested and uncontested divorces. We will advise you on all of your options and help you to choose the best one. Read about your options then contact JLG to discuss your case.


Contested Divorce

Contested divorces are for couples who cannot agree on the terms of their divorce. In contested divorces, the court ultimately decides matters pertaining to the end of your marriage. One of JLG’s family lawyers will help you to attain the best possible results in:

  • Asset division

  • Child custody and support

  • Visitation

  • Spousal support

Be apprised, however, that contested divorces consume time and money. You will need to appear before the Supreme Court and one of its judges when your case is tried. Consider the following timeline for a contested divorce in New York.

  • File a Request for Judicial Intervention (RJI) within 45 days of serving divorce papers. A period of 120 days is allowed if both you and your spouse file a Notice of No Necessity.

  • Exchange and file a Statement of Net Worth at least ten days before your preliminary conference.

  • Hold a preliminary filing within 45 days of the RJI filing date. Both parties present themselves before a judge.

  • Complete and file Discovery and a Note of Issue no later than six months from the date of the preliminary conference—unless the court has issued an exception.

  • Schedule a divorce trial no later than six months from the date of the preliminary conference.

On average this proceeding will last over seven months.


Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorces occur when both parties agree on all aspects of their separation without recourse to courts of law. This means that the couple has reached an agreement for spousal support, child support, and asset division. This options costs much less than contested divorce, to mention nothing of its speed.

In order to retain our legal services for an uncontested divorce, you must have lived in New York for a minimum of one year. You and your spouse must agree upon the following before an uncontested divorce is decreed:

  • Reason for divorce

  • Child custody and support

  • Division of property

If you cannot decide on these issues, our family lawyers will help you and your partner to negotiate.


The quality of you and your children’s lives depends on the outcome of your divorce. JLG has over a decade of experience in defending our clients’ rights. We have helped countless clients through the process of divorce, whether their divorces have included high-conflict custody disputes, complicated guardianships, or large asset divisions. Contact JLG’s family lawyers today by contacting us online or calling our office at 347-897-6199.



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