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Cross Border Disputes & Counseling

JLG’s attorneys not only possess the skill, experience and cultural knowledge required to achieve victorious results in complex international litigations and arbitrations, but also excel at helping clients efficiently resolve misunderstandings and disagreements through constructive diplomacy. Conducting international business presents distinctive risks, many of which may seem impossible to foresee. That’s why JLG tailors its strategic and tactical advice based on a wide range of local, geopolitical and client-specific factors. 

In situations where conflict becomes unavoidable, winning in the courtroom is necessary but sometimes insufficient. This is especially true for matters involving multiple jurisdictions. JLG is continually ready to deploy a powerful arsenal of “hybrid litigation” techniques including:

  • Collaboration with local allies & law firms

  • Integrated media and image campaigns

  • Defensive and opposition research

  • Government relations

  • Intelligence and counterintelligence


Regardless of size, complexity or subject matter, your custom-designed JLG team will be 100% prepared to outfight and outthink the enemy – around the corner or around the world.

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James Berger

Special Counsel


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Jason Jia

Managing Partner



Senior Trial Attorney


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